Where it all started

Hi - I'm Teri

The origins of Trendy Fox Studio began in 2016. My husband (Mark) and I started selling on Amazon and Walmart and realized that there were really limited options available at the time for customizable thank you cards (that we would include with our product packaging).

We didn't have a huge budget but still wanted our products to feel unique and representative of our business. So, I started designing our inserts and realized that I LOVED IT!

I moved on to developing our inserts, mailers, and boxes and in the process stumbled on my true passion for graphic design.

I opened my first Etsy shop in 2019 and soon after, Trendy Fox Studio began.

I totally Get IT...

Creating amazing products is your jam, but when it comes to designing those little extras like business cards, thank you notes, or marketing materials, it might feel like you’re in over your head. Not everyone's a natural-born graphic designer, and honestly, that's completely okay.

You’re already juggling a million tasks, from crafting your products to keeping the business wheels turning. Finding time to create eye-catching marketing materials probably feels like an impossible task in your sometimes frantic schedule.

And on top of all that, managing your budget wisely means hiring a professional designer might not be in the cards, especially when free tools just aren’t cutting it.

That’s exactly why I'm here!

Imagine having a secret weapon that makes design a breeze—templates and designs so easy to use, they’ll make you feel like a pro without all the hassle or hefty price tag.

I believe that managing and expanding your biz should feel AWESOME, not overwhelming.

As a full-time Etsy seller, I learned the hard way that doing everything yourself can lead to frustration, burn-out, and tons of time spent spinning your wheels to get the "perfect" look to make your business stand out.

So, let’s give your business the spotlight it deserves with zero stress. Dive into our massive collection of ready-made templates and discover how easy it is to elevate your brand's look. Let’s do this together!